Dear Members and Friends of Faith United Methodist Church:

This congregation has an astounding energy. I should know. I have been involved in many congregations in many places. And for a congregation in a prairie town with the word “sleepy” in its name, this congregation is one surprise after another for me—a transplant to Minnesota. To be clear, I am surprised again and again by the high energy of this congregation.

That is so plain to see for a newcomer like me. That dynamic energy is evident in the several ministries of Faith United Methodist Church. There is the summertime outreach to members of our community who live in nursing homes (I saw that Bingo, prizes, and smiles were most welcome!) There is the monthly “Dinner on Us” which is as good as it sounds—FREE dinner with the warmest hospitality! There is the famous JAM (“Jesus and ME”) program which regularly happens on Wednesday evenings; JAM is remarkable for the beautiful varieties of participants. (And there is a FREE supper offered EACH evening of JAM for EACH person. Wow! “Amen!” for dinner.) And it is not lost on me—perhaps an odd duck here in lovely Minnesota—that I am blessed with lots of “Amens!” every Sunday. (Thanks!) And I have seen many members here do so much good for others.

Having been involved in so many congregations in so many places—each having something positive—I realized immediately when I arrived here at Faith UMC, that I had better watch closely, hold on tight, and try to keep up with all of you! So, in a way, that is where I am right now; I am trying to keep up with the uplifting energy of Faith United Methodist Church. 

I am holding on to your example, and you continue to lift me. Thanks.  


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